Our "Kids"

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Moe, Larry and Curly Sue

This is the story of the "Three Littlest Stooges".  We found them on the ground under our oak tree in the back yard after they had fallen out of their nest.  They were totally flea infested, starving, and near death--the mother had abandoned them. We decided to become foster parents and give them a second chance.   

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  Our Other Kids

Bob and Rusty - our very gentle, one-eyed friend. 

Dale a.k.a "Pig" -- her cheeks were usually this full.

This is Amy- our orphan. We raised her until she could survive on her own. She taught us more than we taught her, and she was very special. 

Ingrid with an almost full-grown Amy. She left to live on her own, but came back for occasional visits.

Winnie was one of our female Fox Squirrels, and loved hanging out on  this particular branch

Mr. Red  was a buddy for 11 years.  He was our largest Fox Squirrel.

Our first Mama Red on the house we built for her.

Our second Mama Red hanging loose on a hot summer day.

Ginger with her walnut. She was one of the first squirrels we fed by hand, and was a good friend for a few years.

Sylvie. Injured after a fall from a tree, she spent a couple of months with us recovering. She wanted to stay with us permanently.

Skitz - The Man.  He was the very first squirrel we fed by hand. He was totally uninhibited, and fearless.

Skitz on his bucket getting his favorite nut - a brazil. He had a bad habit of climbing people and searching their pockets for nuts.