The N Gauge Town of 

Created by Bob and Ingrid Gardner

The Two Bit Model Railroad is a long term project that shortens our long winters by a fraction.  The project allows us to combine our skills in miniature modeling, electronics, and computers.  Two Bit is a fantasy town that loosely portrays a turn of the century western town somewhere in Colorado.  There are no jails, hospitals or cemeteries because life is good here.  Please visit our town and read about features that are truly one of a kind.



Computer Control

Learn how this model railroad runs itself and how it can display the exact position of every train on the layout.



The Town

Many of the buildings of Two Bit were built board by board with miniature scale lumber, and they are all less than 2 1/2 inches high.   Take a close look at the people and places of Two Bit.


The Terra

Scenes of the landscape and the story behind it, including the lifelike fiber-optic waterfall created with 180 strands of light fiber.

The Transportation

Transportation in Two Bit ranges from horse-drawn buckboards to 1920's automobiles.  The train engines of the time
are steam locomotives.